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We take care of everything, so you can simply switch out of your more expensive utility payments 

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Our              Process

in 4 easy steps


Qualify in Minutes

We are just a call away from determining whether you qualify for solar energy. SolarStar's Solar Selector is a simple tool and a great option for helping us determine - in just minutes - whether you qualify and are able to switch out of your current energy bill for a less expensive solar option. This is the first step in our Pain-Free Process


Pick a day to install

Once we have locked-in your solar rate, a site surveyor will visit your home to take measurements for your customized home solar system. Just let us know what day to install works best for you. Since most installs only take 4-8 hours, this is a single-day process.

Free consultation

The second step in our Pain-Free Process is the free consultation. As a qualifier of solar we detail both your customized solar system and your financed solar package. At this point we can lock-in a fixed rate, allowing you to switch out your current energy bill for a less expensive solar option that will never increase.



Start saving now!

As soon as we receive your PTO (Permission-to-operate) from your local utility provider and municipality, you can activate your newly installed solar system and start saving now!

We take pride in our process, our people and our product. The most trusted name in solar - REC - supplies our local installers with the most cutting edge in technology backed by an industry-leading 25 year complete system warranty. For more information about REC and their solar technology visit:

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We are here to support you every step of the way


Get in contact with a solar advisor today!

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